Beautyblender PRO + BLACK Blendercleanser Solid PRO

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Beautyblender PRO + BLACK Blendercleanser Solid PRO.
The kit includes:

- Beautyblender PRO - Cosmetic sponge.   Available in black color. Perfect for applying foundation, creamy blushes and concealers. It was created by Rea Ann Silva (top Hollywood makeup artist) to deliver high definition (HD) makeup.
Soft, elastic, multi-pore structure makes everyday makeup easy. In combination with foundation, it provides silky and natural-looking complexion. During application, foundation perfectly blends into skin without creating stains or smudges. In addition, it reduces visibility of wrinkles and discoloration. The elliptical shape facilitates perfect smoothing and even coverage of all face parts (including eye area). Innovative technology doesn's absorb cosmetics. 
Beautyblender does not contain latex and odor. Designed for repeated use - hypoallergenic. The product was placed in plastic box, which is ideal for storing and drying Beautyblender.

- BLACK Blendercleanser Solid PRO - Black soap bar. Designed to clean beautyblender applicator. The product is based on active carbon with strong cleansing and antimicrobial properties. In addition, it is extremely efficient, practical and convenient both at home and while travelling. The soap is extremely effective and safe for the sponge. Great for wahing cosmetic brushes.

1. Soak Beautyblender in cold water.
2. Thoroughly drain the sponge into paper towel.
3. Apply cosmetic (foundation, concealer, creamy blush) on Beautyblender.
4. Press the sponge with selected product onto ndividual parts of skin.

MAINTENANCE: After each use, clean the sponge with BLENDERCLEANSER or SOLID soap. This process keeps the sponge in perfect and hygienic condition for a very long time (with proper care, the manufacturer guarantees the product's life for 3-4 months).

CLEANING METHOD: Moisten the sponge with lukewarm water and rub the soap into it. Massage and squeeze with your fingers and then rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat if necessary. Leave it in ventilated place (away from direct heat source).

Brand: Beautyblender
PAO shelf life 12M

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Customer review
2018-03-07 05:53:23
The best foundation applicator ever