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Beautyblender - Make-up sponge + MINI SOLID soap
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Beautyblender - Make-up sponge + MINI SOLID soap

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Brand: Beautyblender
SKU BEA169716
Brand: Beautyblender
SKU BEA169716

Innovative make-up sponge by Beautyblender. Created by Rea Ann Silva (Hollywood make-up artist). Thanks to it your make-up achieves High Definition (HD) quality. Perfectly applies foundation, blush in cream and concealer. Soft and flexible structure with numerous pores, facilitates daily work with cosmetics. In combination with foundation provides silky and naturally looking complexion. During application the primer blends perfectly with the skin, does not create stains and streaks. Reduces visibility of wrinkles and discolorations. The elliptical shape facilitates perfect smoothing and even coverage of all facial parts (including the eye area). Provides airbrush make-up effect. Innovative technology makes the applied cosmetics not absorbed by the applicator. This guarantees great savings and convenience. Beautyblender does not contain latex and odor. Designed for repeated use - hypoallergenic. The product was placed in a plastic box that is ideal for storing and drying Beautyblender. Available in black color version.

MINI SOLID SOAP - designed for cleaning beautyblender. It allows to keep your favourite sponge in perfect and hygienic condition. The product contains soy extract, which has a good effect on skin and sponge fibers. It's formula has antibacterial properties. It does not contain artificial colors - it is ecological. Pleasant lavender scent. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Soak Beautyblender in cold water, then carefully squeeze and drain in a paper towel. Apply cosmetics (primer, concealer, blush in cream) to Beautyblender. Then press the sponge on the desired skin part you want to cover.

MAINTENANCE: After each use, clean the sponge with BLENDERCLEANSER or SOLID soap. This process keeps the sponge in perfect and hygienic condition for up to 6 months of daily use. (With proper care, the manufacturer guarantees the product's life for 3-4 months.)

CLEANING: Dampen the sponge with lukewarm water and apply a few drops of washing liquid to it. Gently rub it into the sponge until you get foam. Massage and squeeze with your fingers and then rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat if necessary. After rinsing the sponge, leave it in a drafty place (away from direct sources of heat).


- Sponge - Height 5.5 cm, width 3.5 cm.

- Package - Height 7.8 cm, base diameter 5 cm.


After the first few cleansings, the beautyblender may lose it's color, which is a natural phenomenon and is not subject to any complaints.

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