Bdellium tools - Studio Basic Line - Basic 7pc. Brush Set + Case

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Studio Line Basic - Basic 7pc. Brush Set by Bdellium tools. Universal and very practical set of brushes for daily make-up. The brushes were made of blends of natural and synthetic bristles arranged in metal caps, which are resistant to damage and deformation. Handles were made of wood and painted yellow. The handle does not slide out of hand, providing comfort. Be sure to regularly clean your brushes to keep your make-up accessories in perfect condition. Just use a small amount of shampoo, create foam, rinse with water, squeeze and leave to dry on a towel. The set is perfect for home use and traveling. The set was enriched with a foldable case.

- 964S - Studio Line All Purpose Blusher. Designed for applying mineral foundation, pressed powder, blush and bronzer. Dimensions: bristles length 3.8 cm, handle length 16.4 cm, total brush length 20.2 cm, span 3 cm. Type of bristles: natural and synthetic.

- 948S - Studio Line Foundation. Designed for applying liquid or creamy foundation, concealer and make-up base. Dimensions: bristles length 3 cm, handle length 16 cm, total brush length 19 cm, span 2.3 cm. Type of bristles: synthetic.

- 942S - Studio Line Slanted Contour. Designed for applying blush, bronzer and face correction. Dimensions: bristles length 2 - 3,1 cm, handle length 15,5 cm, total brush length 18,6 cm, span 2.5 cm. Type of bristles: natural and synthetic.

- 785S - Studio Line Tapered Blending. Designed for grinding and mixing eyeshadows. Dimensions: bristles length 2 cm, handle length 15,6 cm, total brush length 17,6 cm, span 1.2 cm. Type of bristles: synthetic.

- 777S - Studio Line Shadow. Multi-functional brush. Great for applying eyeshadows to cover any wrinkles around eyes, highlight eye edges. Dimensions: bristles length 2 cm, handle length 15.4 cm, total brush length 17.4 cm, span 1.1 cm. Type of bristles: natural.

- 763S - Studio Line Small Angle. Brush for drawing precise lines on eyelids or in eyebrows. It's shape allows you to create lines of different lengths and thicknesses. Dimensions: bristles length 0.5 -0.8 cm, handle length 15 cm, total brush length 15.8 cm, span 0.7 cm. Type of bristles: synthetic.

- 540S - Studio Line Precision Liner. Multi-tasking brush. Designed for precise applying lipstick and drawing eyeliner lines. Dimensions: bristles length 0.9 cm, handle length 15 cm, total brush length 15.9 cm, span 0.5 cm. Type of bristles: synthetic.

Brand: Bdellium Tools

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