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Brand Bdellium Tools

Bdellium Tools Make-up Brushes

Bdellium Tools Accessories have been designed by a group of talented make-up experts in Cerritos, California. The products are handmade by skilled craftsmen and handicrafts artists. Each brush is formed on the basis of the weight of natural hair or synthetic bristles in a way that allows to achieve the perfect figure and the perfect softness of each brush. These factors are responsible for the functionality of each of the brushes, which has it's own unique purpose, and at the same time can also take additional functions. Each of the 4 product lines has very distinctive features: Maestro Series is a collection of luxurious, hypoallergenic make-up brushes with nickel-coated, brass cap. Green and Yellow Bambu lines have only organic make-up brushes, with heads and handles made of bamboo - are fully vegan, made of very soft synthetic bristles and anodized aluminum fittings. Studio Line and Travel Line are antibacterial make-up brushes made of natural hair or synthetic bristles, among which you can choose from a classic handle length in the Studio Line or shorter in Travel - perfect for traveling. These brushes have anodized aluminum ferrule.