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Brand Astor

Astor cosmetics

ASTOR - pioneering, international brand of beauty cosmetics, which was born in luxury palaces. Founded in 1952 in Germany, in Walldorf (Astor's family town). It was a period of post-war economic boom. Women wanted to feel fashionably again. John Jacob Astor, the most famous member of the family emigrated from Germany to the United States at the end of the 18th century and earned a fortune thanks to his success in the trade of fur and silk. He returned to Europe and became successful in the UK. English lady Astor was an icon of style and luxurious family life. The family became famous throughout Europe and USA. The name Astor was and is a symbol of luxury and savoir-vivre. Their lifestyle is set by fashion standards, associated with luxury palaces and products. The family-owned ASTOR brand offers high quality luxury investments, such as the Waldorf Astoria Hotel Network or make-up cosmetics. The second country (after Germany) in which the brand was developed was Spain - from that moment on Astor was one of the leading make-up brands in Europe. ASTOR has evolved over time, constantly offering customers high quality, dazzling yet technologically advanced products. Their produsts are elegant, have affordable prices, are trendy and perfectly suited for wearing. Today the brand creates a new card in it's history with it's changed logo. It offers innovative and reliable products that women every day appreciate. Their colorful cosmetics have been trending for decades. They help women to live up to their own beauty as fully as possible. ASTOR brand is distributed in perfumery chains, department stores, pharmacies and large retail chains in many European markets: Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. In Poland ambassadors of the brand are actresses: Anna Przybylska and Grażyna Wolszczak.